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‘Hey Hello’ for 3-5 yr old


Hey Hello – was created to entertain – while helping children see differences within the animals. This is helpful with A.S.D children who have trouble identifying differences. The back grounds are simple and colourful, so as not to overwhelm;and the text is rhyming. I hope you enjoy my books as much as i enjoyed creating them. Written by a mother who gets it!.


Hey Hello is a rhyming book were the animals talk about who they are – and who they are not.It is an original story and the characters are funny. Aussie printed  – on sustainable forestry paper – with non-toxic ink.       It is a perfect accompaniment to the talking eBook where you can learn how to do fun character voices –  to keep your young child engaged.

We very are proud of our original Aussie books! If you would like to support us to read to children in out back places – then simply buy a Mama Sa book or poster.

We thank you so much.

Love Mama Sa xoxo