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Mama Sa Stories

Where children become inspired!

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hey hello in ipad

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Love from Mama Sa xox 🌼

Who is Mama Sa


Mama Sa Stories was birthed from the deep well of love I have for my son Storrm. As a single mum, I enjoyed creating small stories with him, in that quiet time before bed; this quickly became a precious bonding experience.

As my clever sweet natured son grew, I came to realise that he was challenged by reading. Later I discovered that he had ‘chronic dyslexia’   and Aspergers, so I started reading to him more and more. Together we went on a 12 year journey, sliding through the worlds hidden within the pages, of hundreds and hundreds of books.

Instilling a love of reading and the bonding this creates between the young ones and caregivers, is the driving force that gets me up in the morning. Thank you for supporting me on this big adventure, as I bring my first stories out to you and the world.



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