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Bring . love . over . self . succeed . en . mass

BLOSSEM – is a safe – loving non-judgmental space – where you can choose different levels of experiences for yourself. Need clarity in your life? Book a SOUL PATH READING. A gentle healing? Book a chakra balance & meridian healing.
If you have been on the path for a while we offer classes with higher channelled beings for your further education.
If you are a light/reiki master/healer or a self love/personal growth teacher and you are ready- willing & eager to move upwards in your vibration – we will facilitate you to move through the stages of full embodiment of your high-self/godself.

Tucked away in a hidden corner on the way to the sunshine coast you will find ‘BLOSSEM’ nestled on and acre and a half of lush, tropical, landscaped natives – only 100 meters from the ocean and a wildlife bird sanctuary. Simply stepping onto this pristine land – with its ancient light portal – will facilitate the beginings of great positive change – within your physical body and energetic feild. Relax after your session on our out door bed with a cup of herbal tea and let the sound bath in the natural song of birds as the salt air soothes  your nervous system.












7 Trinidad terrace
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Who is Sa?
Sa is light worker and growth facilitator/ life coach who was awakened to her spiritual abilities in1999 under the UNICORN STAR alignment.
Sa has shared her higher-teaching across Australia and New Zealand. Sa has helped to heal thousands of people and assisted them to find their new life path.
Sa was instructed by her guides to stop working with transforming adults and work with children for 7 years; that seven years is now up and Sa has returned to facilitated the awakening of humanity.
Sa is love and compassion incarnated. She is a divine mother being – in a human body/form.
Sa has now been instructed by her high level GUIDES to open a SHIFT-CENTRE in Brisbane. They say “It is time.”
Symmetrie is the fire keeper at Blossem. After 17 years of study under Sa, and working with other adepts across the globe Symmetrie found her calling. While doing light work on the side of a volcano she was visited by the ancient fire Deva known as ‘Peli’ in a vision. Symmetrie developed a profound affinity with the clearing properties of the ancient primordial power of fire.
Symmetrie has dedicated herself to helping others clear their energy bodies & aura, of heavy energies that drag them down. you can receive an on table clearing or a fire ceremony depending on your needs. Symmetrie is waiting to assist your transformation.
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